09 Dec 2023

Teater Keong Emas, TMII | Jakarta, Indonesia

09 Dec 2023 - 10:00 - 17:00 WIB
Teater Keong Emas, TMII | Jakarta, Indonesia
After navigating global challenges, dive into the theme of POST-CAPITAL(ISM). Shift the focus from economic milestones to celebrate creativity, idealism, and social justice. Engage in discussions about adaptation, adjustment, and emerging opportunities in our evolving world.

Explore Jakarta's future post-capital shift, understanding how the city adapts and the expectations of its people. This event marks a crucial moment, shaping our narrative for a brighter future.

Showcasing our speakers with ideas worth spreading:
- Lala Bohang
- Max Mandias
- Reno Andam Suri
- Mentari Novel
- Candrian Attahiyyat
- Mpu Ibnu Pratomo
- Andesh Tomo
- Alanda Kariza
- Evi Mariani
- Andhyta "Afu" Firselly Utami
- Vivi Alatas

Limited seats available — secure yours now and be part of this transformative experience

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